Award-winning hairstylist Philip Ferreira first launched his career as a hairstylist in the mid-1980s. He travelled all over the world with his craft, winning top awards from prestigious competitions including Trend Vision and the Contessa Awards. Over the years, his work has also appeared in Vogue and other bestselling magazines.


Having spent over a decade showcasing his skills on the global stage, Ferreira now lives with his family on Vancouver Island, where he opened his own salon, The Natural Hair Salon, located at 618 View Street. The accolades have not stopped though. Just last year, Ferreira was named the Top Stylist in British Columbia by The Hair and Beauty Awards in Vancouver.


After years of success in the industry, Ferreira is now focusing on the two things he values most: education and sustainability. “It was time to give back and do my part,” he says.


Ferreira’s salon has the concept of sustainability at its core. This includes everything from the business logo that is designed to mimic the aperture of the camera, inviting clients to think critically about the way they see the world to the décor that draws inspiration from the environmentally sustainable practices that he witnessed while visiting Israel’s Bedouin communities. For Ferreira, sustainability is the key to preserving our planet. He says, “If we don’t do something about the current state of our planet, the next generation will be in trouble.”


Ferriera has done careful research regarding the products his salon carries, offering only brands that are healthy for the planet, but also for the stylists and the clients. All of the haircare products come from Neuma, an eco-friendly brand that is sought-after in the industry. The salon also sells all-natural and locally sourced products, including Hair of the Dog scrunchies, Wild Hill skin care products, Cascadia Soaps, Routine Deodorant, Virtue Tea and Sun Catchers made of crystals.


In his efforts to help promote sustainability practices in the industry, Ferreira also mentors up-and-coming stylists in the hopes they will pass this knowledge along to future stylists. “I’m passionate about inspiring new stylists and helping them build themselves up as artists and the entrepreneurs they have to be in order to succeed, “ he says.